No More Extensions

deadline ahead sign that indicates there are no more eld deadline extensions

The final deadline for electronic logging device (ELD) is coming fast. Spoiler alert: there will be no more extensions. The time for waiting is over. 

What You Need to Know

As of December 16, 2019, any carriers still using non-ELD compliant logging software or AOBRDs will be in violation of FMCSA regulations. This means drivers and vehicles will be placed out of service (OOS) if they’re found out in an inspection. This violation carries the same penalty as a lack of record of duty status (RODS) — 10 hours OOS.

If you’re waiting for someone to change their mind, create a new extension, or make a new exception, the wait is over. The time to get on board with the new ELD system is now. The sooner you get it implemented, the sooner your drivers will adjust. This will make any roadside inspections starting December 16 and beyond much easier for everyone. 

ELDs are a Success

From preliminary findings, the implementation and use of ELDs are a success. Hours of service (HOS) violations have been cut in half, although false logbook records violations have stayed the same. This is attributed to the reality that it’s easier for inspectors to see these violations now that it’s all electronic. At the same time, roadside inspections are more efficient and the use of data transfers has reduced inspection times by five to ten minutes. 

Fleets who have already moved to ELD systems have experienced their own successes: reduced violations, better driver behavior tracking, increased safety, and decreased fuel costs, just to name a few. Of course, the key to a fleet’s success with an ELD is the system you use.

How Gorilla Safety Can Help

No matter how big or small your fleet may be — whether you’re a large international carrier or an owner-operator — Gorilla Safety can help your company stay compliant and even grow. Choose from one of our four ELD system options:

Flex ELD: A simple, effective ELD to help you get into and stay in compliance with ELD regulations

Prime8 ELD: Stay in compliance and have more information at your fingertips. This upgrade includes a dashboard where you can access user info, receive alerts, and more, as well as providing the ELD you need.

XPress Fleet Solution: Manage your fleet, stay in compliance, and reduce costs with several tools available.

XTreme Fleet Control: This option is best for large or growing carriers who need a full fleet management system that’s easy to use and saves time and money. It includes accident reporting tools, document management, and much more beyond the basic ELD function.

There is no more time to procrastinate or sit back and wait for a Hail Mary pass from the federal government. The ELD regulations are here, and you’ve only got until December 16th to get compliant. Don’t get dinged with violations and fees. Switch to the Gorilla Safety ELD that fits your fleet, your budget, and your business goals — and keep your drivers out on the road. Learn how we can help your fleet today!