Choosing the Right ELD — More Important Than Ever

choosing the right eld

You already know how important it is to make good business decisions — who you hire, what equipment to buy, what prices to charge — so that your business can succeed. One wrong choice can cost money and time. Choosing the right ELD system is one of those decisions that can have ripple effects in your fleet: regulation compliance, HOS requirements, and more. It’s more important than ever you select the right system.

Here are some factors to consider in the decision-making process.

Features and ROI

An ELD system is only good if it offers the features you want and need and brings you a return on your investment. Of course there’s a cost, but you should receive tangible value in exchange — saved fuel costs and fewer HOS violations, to name just two. The amount of features the right ELD will have depends on what you need and want the system to do for you:

  • Electronic logging
  • eDVIR
  • GPS tracking
  • Messaging
  • Driver behavior tracking
  • Service and inspection tracking and reporting
  • Document management
  • Accident reporting and management
  • IFTA report generation

Gorilla Safety offers multiple options from a basic ELD to full fleet management. You can select the program with the features that best fit your needs today. Even better, it’s scalable as your fleet and business change over time.

Adaptable Technology

We all know technology is constantly changing, so upgrades are to be expected. And if you use an ELD that’s never had an upgrade, you should be concerned. The last thing you want is a system that’s outdated the moment you learn how to use it. The right ELD system should be current from the moment of install and be easily updated and upgraded over time. Gorilla Safety makes software upgrades easy to do. Good ELD systems should also adapt as regulations change, and we are committed to staying on the cutting edge of fleet technology today and in the future.

US-Based Support

When you have a problem, you want to know that you can call or email and get help you need — from someone who knows what they’re talking about. Keeping jobs in the US is also important, and we all need to support businesses who are committed to doing just that. Gorilla Safety offers US-based support — we don’t use overseas call centers. No matter when you contact us for help, you know you’re talking to someone who understands the problem and your needs. 

Positive Reviews & Reputation

Anytime you need to choose a service provider for your fleet, read the reviews first. Any company can claim they offer great customer service or provide timely support. But hearing it from other satisfied clients is much more meaningful. You shouldn’t expect everyone to be happy — not every company is a good fit for a fleet. But pay attention to the critical reviews, too — as well as how the provider handled their complaint. At Gorilla Safety, we have an average rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 from customer reviews — and we work hard to address problems that come up for our clients. 

Choosing the right ELD provider is about much more than price. You need an ELD that provides the features you need while keeping pace with technological changes and advancements. Your ELD should support your fleet and be able to grow with it — not hinder your growth. Gorilla Safety provides the system you need today and can scale as your business grows tomorrow.

Ready to switch to the right ELD? Get started!