Smoothly Transition from AOBRD to ELD

an open road ready for fleets who have made a transition to an eld

As the deadline approaches for AOBRDs to be phased out and for fleets to transition to ELDs, you might be tempted to panic if you still need to switch. Panic won’t help you at this point, but a plan will. Here’s what you need to know for a smooth transition.

Pick Your Equipment

Ultimately you need an ELD that’s easy to install and easy to use. You don’t have time to do major work on every truck in your fleet. A simple plug-in option is best. You also need an easy way to access the information collected by the ELD. Gorilla Safety offers both the equipment and the access.

Our ELD can be installed in just minutes. Fleet managers can access information from a web dashboard, while drivers can access information from a mobile app that can be downloaded to any iPhone or Android device. 

Update Your Policies

How you want to handle logged hours, yard moves, personal conveyance, and other miles driven/logged questions need to be reflected in your company policies. ELD technology gives you a lot of flexibility on how to handle these questions logistically and your policies need to reflect your decisions. You may also have left over policies from the days of handwritten logbooks. These need to be adjusted, too.

Once you update your company policies, make sure your drivers, managers, and other employees understand the changes so they can be implemented quickly and seamlessly. It’s important that everyone knows what’s changing and how to handle those changes.

Train Your Drivers

Depending on the ELD system you select, training your drivers may not be as complicated as you fear. But it’s important that they all know how to navigate the electronic logbook, how to handle errors, what they’ll need to do at roadside inspections, and more.

This is also the time to go over changes in policies, too. The ELD system may be simple to use, but it still requires a shift from an “old way” of doing things to a new way. Even your most experienced drivers may struggle with this, so training is important to help ease the transition.

Choose the Right ELD Provider 

You need an ELD provider who’s going to answer your questions before you commit, be there during the installation process, and help once you go live and use the ELD out on the road. At Gorilla Safety, we offer as much or as little support as a fleet needs and wants including driver training and fleet management set-up.

We provide a basic and affordable ELD for the small fleet or owner-operator who simply needs to get compliant. But we also offer upgraded and flexible options for those who want to grow their business and manage their fleet more efficiently. When you have questions or need help, we’re there to get you back on track and back on the road. 

Want a smooth switch from your old AOBRD to an ELD? Get started, today!