Spot Rates on the Rise 

two trucks driven by drivers who are happy that spot rates are on the rise

While the threat of the financial impact from the coronavirus continues to dominate the national headlines and infection rates around the country are on the rise, there is some good news to be had now that many pandemic-related lockdowns are over. Spot rates are on the rise as truck postings increased 13 percent for the week of June 1-7 when compared to the previous week. 

In even better news, average spot rates for van, refrigerated, and flatbed rates have recovered from the past three month slump.

National average spot rate comparison

Van: $1.75 per mile, 15 cents higher than May

Refrigerated: $2.10 per mile, eight cents higher than May

Flatbed: $2.01 per mile, 11 cents higher than May

While rates have not recovered to pre-pandemic and shutdown rates, yet, they are well on the way to making a full recovery. Check out the full comparison of the past four months below.

National average van rates

March: $1.87 per mile

April: $1.63 per mile

May: $1.60 per mile

June: $1.75 per mile 

National average refrigerated rates

March: $2.19 per mile

April: $1.93 per mile

May: $2.02 per mile

June: $2.10 per mile

National average flatbed rates

March: $2.19 per mile

April: $1.90 per mile

May: $1.90 per mile

June: $2.01 per mile

Loads are increasing across the country as cities and states open back up and demand for products and goods rise again. Manufacturing plants and warehouses are operating at a higher capacity again so there’s more freight to haul, in general. Only time will tell if the country and the trucking industry will continue to recover or if more shutdowns are on the horizon. But for right now, wheels are on the road and freight is moving again.

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