truck driver marijuana

The Impact of Legalized Marijuana on the Trucking Industry

  Right now, four states and Washington D.C. have legalized recreational marijuana usage. Other states allow medical marijuana for the treatment of certain illnesses, diseases, and disorders. While legalization has not taken place at the federal level and there are plenty of drivers who don’t live in states where it is legal, it’s still having[…]

i-10 in AZ, one of the most dangerous roads for commercial truck drivers

Most Dangerous Roads for Truck Drivers

There are plenty of issues that drivers have to be concerned with while they’re out on the road. Some of those things are in a driver’s control – speed, mechanical issues, obeying rules and regulations, paying attention to road, etc. Other things, like dangerous road conditions, are not. When you’re looking at routes to take[…]

self driving trucks on the highway

How Will Self Driving Vehicles Impact the Trucking Industry?

Are autonomous, self-driving vehicles inevitable? And if so, how is this going to impact the trucking and transportation industry? What is a Self Driving Vehicle? First it helps to understand the technology currently available. While the terms “autonomous” and “self driving” are sometimes used interchangeably, they mean two different things. Autonomous vehicles look much like[…]