ELD Mandate Coming to Canada

A Canadian Flag flying before electronic logging devices are required in Canada

Back in February 2016, the Canadian government issued a statement that electronic logging devices (ELDs) were coming. Little followed after the initial release, but now we know more thanks to a statement released in June.

Over time, Canadian drivers will be required to electronically record their hours of service (HOS) but ELDs have not been mandated – yet. When the specifications and requirements are released for a possible compliance date of early 2018, they will align as closely as possible with the United States to make it easier for companies and drivers who do business across the borders.

The Timeline

A timeline has been released of how this regulatory change will likely happen.

Early 2016: A statement will be provided by the Canadian federal government to let the trucking industry know what the intended changes will be. A comment period will open at this time.

Late 2017: A new statement will be issued that takes into consideration the comments provided and offers a firm compliance date along with what grandfathering options will be available and who will qualify.

Early 2018: Expect a compliance date to occur in this timeframe, which is similar to the United States compliance dates.

Get Started Now

The time to think about transferring to electronically recording HOS and complying with any ELD requirement isn’t in early 2018, whether you’re Canadian or American. The time is now. For Canadian drivers who travel on U.S. roads, you’ll need to comply with American requirements as well.

Mike Millan, president of the Private Motor Truck Council (PMTC) in Canada was very clear about the benefits of electronic logbooks.

“In my previous role as a fleet manager, we introduced e-logs in 2011 and the time savings for the driver was unquestionable, especially the drivers that did local and deliver 30-40 loads a day. It was a lot easier to just login and logout every day,” Millian explained. “From a manager’s standpoint I went from having to view 80-100 logs manually and verify to simply being able to print off a report.”

Trucking companies and drivers need more than an ELD. The most cost and time efficient option is a comprehensive fleet management system that can handle other parts of the day-to-day business. The Gorilla Safety app is a full service fleet management app that includes electronic logbooks, as well as other features like document storage, maintenance checks, service reminders, and more. Contact us today to learn more.

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