How Can a Fleet Management System Save You Money?

a fleet of trucks using a fleet management system

Whether you’ve got three trucks in your fleet or three hundred, there’s never enough of two things: time or money. Between checking logbooks, scheduling maintenance, talking to unhappy customers, or dealing with violations, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Every fire you have to put out costs money. On top of that, you have less time to focus on your drivers and making sure they’re working as efficiently as possible.

With a good fleet management system, you can save money and time.

Better Fuel Economy

There’s nothing we can do about the price of fuel. Instead, it’s about driving efficiency. If you had a way to keep your drivers from idling so long, getting lost on new routes, and sending them out to the next job without the need to drive all the way back in, you’d save a lot on gas. Fleet management systems can give you the tools to track your drivers on GPS, find the best route for the haul, and keep your drivers moving.

Maintenance and Service

Which expense would you rather have – the necessary maintenance checks every so often or the big expense of a major blowout or catastrophic failure? The standard repairs are much less expensive. With a high quality fleet management system, you can keep up with the service needs of your trucks and your drivers and maintenance crew can communicate with each other so maintenance needs are taken care of quicker. The Gorilla Safety app gives you this ability while also letting you set up alerts to make sure the work is done on time.

Fewer Violations

Nothing costs time and money like the cost of hours of service (HOS) and maintenance violations. Your fleet management system should give you the ability to keep you in compliance with the FMCSA including electronic logbooks and logging devices. Between the HOS and the ability for your driver to communicate with your service department, a fleet management system like Gorilla Safety can save you from headaches, as well as extra expenses from your drivers and trucks that aren’t in compliance.

Accident Investigation

When one of your drivers is in an accident out on a highway three states away, the biggest cost problem is the time it takes to get all the information you need for a claim. It’s even worse when other drivers are involved. What may have been a slight bruise and little damage on the day of the accident morphs into a major claim with huge losses for you and your company. When your driver has the means to send you the information you need – images, notes, statements – as soon as the accident happens, you’ve got what you need to keep the cost of those claims down and make your insurance agent happy.

Happy Customers

How many calls have you taken from a customer wanting to know where their shipment is? Worse, how many of them call repeatedly? Instead of making them wait for you to get the information, with a good fleet management system you can have that information at your fingertips. Customers who feel informed are often happier and will continue to do business with you.

When you’re ready to save money and time, become more efficient, and build your business with satisfied customers, you need a fleet management system that helps you run your trucking business in multiple ways. Contact us at Gorilla Safety today so we can show you what we can do for your business.

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