Take the First Steps Towards Becoming ELD Compliant

eld compliant truck

You’re running a business – and trying to make it a profitable one. You can’t throw money at every new gadget, technology, or process that comes your way. You need to know that it will work first.

To top it off, you’ve got new regulations for how your trucks will operate and how you’ll report information. You need to know that, whichever way you go with the new ELD regulations, will be worth the money you spend.

What if we told you that you can test the waters with Gorilla Safety before committing to the full ELD program? Start with electronic logbooks – long shown to save time and money, gradually add in other features, and see for yourself what kind of ELD program the Gorilla Safety app can provide before worrying about becoming fully compliant with the new FMCSA regulations. This will give you the time to know what you’re getting and help your drivers adjust to the new way of doing business – without breaking the bank or stressing yourself out.

Start with Electronic Logs

The easiest way to see savings, in time and money, is to ditch the paper logs for electronic logs. With the Gorilla Safety app, your drivers can log-in to start their driving day and, at a glance, see how much time they have left and when they need to take a break. They’ll also receive an alert when it’s time to take a break.

You’ll have easy-to-read reports of their Hours of Service (HOS) and won’t have to track down missing entries or deal with bad handwriting ever again. In near real-time, you’ll know if your drivers are compliant or not.

Try Other Gorilla Safety App Features

Once you’re comfortable with the electronic logbook, pick a feature to try out, like Document Management. Have a safety manual that your drivers always seem to misplace? What about a pre-trip inspection checklist you need drivers to use and sign off on? You can upload and store documents that you need everyone to have access to. It’ll be at their fingertips.

Next, start setting up a few alerts. Constantly dealing with unsigned DVIRs? Set an alert to tell you if someone forgot to sign off, and you’ll be able to follow up almost immediately. Hate not knowing until hours later that one of your drivers got into an accident? You can create an alert to notify you immediately.

Once you see how the Gorilla Safety app can be incorporated into your daily business operations to help keep you compliant while saving you time and money, you’ll feel more confident integrating the full ELD and fleet management system into your business. Once you and your drivers are used to the electronic logbooks, the rest is much easier to add.

Ready to throw out your paper logbooks? Contact us today and let’s discuss getting you and your drivers set up with the Gorilla Safety app.

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